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"I write to you on this occasion to thank you for the service level, Office Depot Heathrow has received from Synergy Courier Services Ltd.
I was impressed by the level of professionalism displayed in our initial meeting and this has been carried through in the delivery of service. I have found Synergy Courier Services Ltd to be a useful partner to Office Depot Heathrow, as they have, provided us with a consistent, reliable and efficient subcontract service. I will add that on the odd occasion where issues arose, they were quick to present a solution whenever possible. My Management team have found most drivers provided to be well trained, polite and great ambassadors of Synergy and Office Depot alike. Those whom have not met the required standard have been promptly removed from the contract and the employment of Synergy.
I would recommend Synergy to any company that requires a professional approach and quality service to the Transport, Logistics and Parcel Delivery sector."

Jonathan Goode Office Depot.

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